Crystal healing - colours and types explained

March 10, 2021

Crystal healing - colours and types explained

The majority of crystals are formed through earth’s geological processes and can be found in many forms - rocks, clusters, geodes and cuts. In our store we sell cut crystals and crystals in their rock form. Cut crystals are able to capture more light thereby enhancing the crystals’ energy and their tower shape directs and focuses their energy. In their natural rock form, these crystals have retained their raw energy.


For many of us venturing in the world of crystals for the first time, we become attracted to the vast colours that they come in. It’ll be hard to find one that does not resonate with you. If a crystal absorbs all the light wavelengths, it appears black and if it lets through all the light wavelengths, it appears clear. The chemicals, impurities and minerals affect how much light transmits through the crystal, affecting the colour and how we see it. 

When you have chosen a crystal based on its colour, you are attracted to the vibrational energy of that crystal. Read on to understand why that crystal has resonated with you.


Representing purity and peace.

Are you looking for new beginnings or seeking divinity and connection to higher self? White/clear crystals make you see things with clarity, increasing your responsiveness and spontaneity. It provides a great foundation to realise your potential.


Inspires creativity and individuality;

Are you looking to think out of the box? Spiritually yellow colours represent self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-identity and increasing gratitude inwards and outwards.

Be inspired and focused. Strong and courageous. Be gracious.


Truth and intelligence.

Are you seeking wisdom, loyalty, listening and self expression. Spiritually, blues brings out compassion, humility and wisdom from the heart.


Balances an environment and evokes empathy.

Promotes love, financial, wealth and growth. Green crystals reflects nature bringing about peacefulness, harmony and serenity through forgiveness, compassion and kindness.


Primarily relating to your higher self.

Purples speaks to your spirituality and intuition. Stimulates your intellect, reasoning. Purple crystals also promotes healing and loyalty.


Increase spontaneity, freeing yourself from self doubt and hesitation.

Aids family issues, personal integrity, social adaptation ,social anxiety and sexuality. Increase your enthusiasm for life making you feel bold to tackle life challenges.


Are you looking for passion?

Red crystals sparks an increase in your stamina, physical vitality and energy. Red crystals will also ground you and provide stability.


Attracts unconditional love.

Pink is compassionate and forgives. Spiritually, pink is calming and kind.


Represents earth and nature.

For those seeking worldliness and grounding.

Seeking safety and security.
Blacks envelopes your with protection and grounds you.



Below are some of the crystals that we sell in our store explained. Do you feel yourself drawn to any of these? Maybe subconsciously you are trying to heal an underlying issue and can feel their vibrational energies calling you. Read further to understand each crystal type and what they are used for or how they can help with a specific issue.

Clear quartz point  Clear quartz is known as the master healer, it is universal and extremely versatile, able to work with all energy types. Clear quartz colour ranges from milky white to clear. It is a self cleansing crystal and used primarily to amplify other crystals. The word ‘quartz’ comes from the greek word ‘ice’.

Extremely powerful, the clear quartz easily absorbs vibrations and helps magnify intentions. You can also use this crystal for cleansing and purification, to help clear blocked energy and thoughts to create positivity in your life.

Smoky quartz can vary from light gray to brown and is used for manifestation and to amplify positive energy. This crystal converts negative energy to positive energy and can be used to balance the energy of the home and yourself. It keeps you grounded and helps you connect to your higher self.

Smoky quartz can also be used for protection, to enhance focus and awaken survival instincts.

Rose quartz shoulders all love, unconditional and romantic. It is calming and peaceful, able to harmonise your heart and your relationships. This crystal is primarily associated with love based emotions: grieving, relationship breakups, self love, betrayal, forgiveness and anger. 

Are you looking to strengthen new romance or ease existing relationship problems? This crystal will open your hearts, embrace your passions and celebrate intimacy. Its nurturing and comforting qualities will raise self esteem, restores confidence and help with emotional balance. Compassion, kindness, joy, peace and playfulness.

Amethyst is a form of quartz, its most common colour is purple and can range from pale violet to deep purple. Ancient Greeks used to wear this crystal as an amulet to prevent alcohol intoxication and aid hangovers.

Amethyst is renowned for strengthening spirituality and for tuning into your higher consciousness. This crystal will help you listen to your intuition and the power of your dreams.

The moment you touch an amethyst, you can feel its energy call you: Are you looking for insight? Stress and anxiety? Experiencing nightmares and addiction? The amethyst will protect you by clearing negative thinking patterns.

Fluoride deepens intuition, promotes love and facilitates clear communication. It will be hard for you to resist the hues of green, purple, pink, yellow, clear, blue and aqua throughout. As a result, the rainbow colours’ different vibrational energies within it promote clarity, balances and stabilises your body, mind and spirit connection. Looking to turn thoughts into action and results?

The fluorite crystal will center you, raise your intuition and enhance creativity.


Obsidian is technically volcanic glass and can come in black or black with white speckles. Forged with fire, obsidian is used as a protection stone against negative energy, creating a force field around you.

Its grounding and balancing energy releases you from negative emotions such as greed, jealousy, resentment and rage.

Sodalite enhances energy flow into your life. Do you need help communicating effectively or regulating your emotions and understanding your truths? Sodalite will equalize your energy, balancing it if you have too little or too much of one. If you have a nervous disposition or constantly worried or tense, you will find yourself drawn to this crystal.

Sodalite will help direct your energy to focus on yourself. Improve your intuition, open your heart to appreciate others and lead a more fulfilling life. Your self-esteem will increase.

Interested to learn more about crystal healing, click here.

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